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Friday, September 09, 2005

Ola Friends! Welcome to the Blog of Nacho

Ola Friends!

My name is Nacho, I am a little boy from South America. I now
live in Canada with my Papa "C". I have lived in Canada for 2 years
and I am very happy to have a father like Papa .

Papa likes to take Nacho to the park so that Nacho can help Papa
make new Lady friends.

Nacho, Papa and his new friends. Nacho loves that park! Thank you Papa!

I have my own special room-- it is very warm and cozy

I love my bed! Thank you Papa!

I have lived in Canada since Papa won me in an online
auction. I am very happy to live with my new Papa. He buys me many toys
and tells me to use them every day or else Papa will become mad.

Look at my toys! Thank you Papa!

I had a birthday this week and it was very much fun. Papa bought
me a cake and a special Piñata for me to play with. It was filled with yummy
snacks for Nacho to eat. Papa's special friend Le Grande "L" came over and gave
Nacho a bath. Nacho likes it when Le Grande "L" gives him a bath.

Nacho's Birthday cake

Nacho's Piñata

Papa has many nice friends

Special friend Le Grande "L" Nacho likes when she comes over for visits. She smells better
than of my uncles. Papa and her like to Mexican wrestle on the bed. When they
wrestle I must go to my bed and close the door. They must love to Mexican
wrestle because they do it very much. Le Grande "L" is a better
wrestler because when Nacho peeks at them she always pins Papa.

Le Grande "L" giving Nacho a bath. Nacho loves baths
with "L". Thank you Papa!

Uncle "A" is very funny, he likes to yell at Papa's furniture and sleep on our floor when he has had too much fire water to drink. Nacho does not like to sit close to Uncle
"A" when he sleeps because he makes strange loud noises with his bum
then Papa's house smells like when the donkeys eat to many beans.

Uncle "A" smells like a donkey

Uncle "D" Nacho likes him very much because he is smaller than Nacho. I like to laugh at his
silly red shoes.

Nacho like to have a smaller Uncle

Uncle "P" is very funny, he is like a clown that cannot juggle. He makes Nacho laugh when
he spills things on Papa's floor. Sometimes Papa lets me eat what Uncle "P" spills.

Nacho likes floor chili

Uncles "N","C" and "B" They are all very nice. They keep
asking if Nacho has any older sisters that they can adopt. Nacho thinks that
Uncles that are Mucho Homo make good Papas.

My Uncles Like to have baths together


At 8:35 PM, Blogger mr.mckellips said...

thats funny, well done.

At 8:38 PM, Blogger Mr. Brian said...

Cruel enough to want to read it every day. God, please....more!!!!

Mr. B

At 8:13 AM, Blogger alex_king said...

yo uncle "d",

now i know why u didnt picket yesterday.

uncle "a"


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